Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Clauscientious Objector-Reason 5

“What did Santa bring you?” For us and our children that has always been a difficult question, the answer is usually –“nothing”. It is not the expected answer and as a parent I am conscious that my position as a clauscientious objector not only causes problems for me but also for my children. There have certainly been times where I have been tempted to enlist in the Santa Clause army-I would just be easier and I have no desire to see my children hurt.

But even with this simple question I am reminded why I persevere. With this simple question, the gift becomes the focus not the act of giving. This is only natural, not only is a quest for material prosperity highly valued in our society but there is not an established relationship between the giver and receiver. When there is an established relationship between the giver and receiver, the gift and the act of giving are both in view. To know that even if my parent/s are not economically prosperous they have sacrificed to give me a gift because I am loved, whether I am good or bad, is far more a mystery and a far richer expression of the act of giving. It invites me to value the gift very differently. It teaches me all manner of things about grace, love, generosity and good will to all people.

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