Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Clauscientious Objector

Santa Claus is coming...or has arrived numerous times if you have been anywhere near a shopping centre this Christmas. With cheerful grin and iridescent red suit Santa Claus brings joy to the hearts of so many parents who delight in their children’s smiles and excitement. The story and rituals also give us that sense of mystery and remind us of our more innocent times of imaginative play. It is hard to envisage anyone objecting.

At the risk of being harangued and called a scrooge I admit, I object, I am a Clauscientious Objector :) .

I am aware that there are many responses to the issues surrounding Santa Clause and some are more nuanced than others. There are those who have banned Santa in his current form ,there are those who are more accommodating,those who try and recapture the past Santa Claus, there are those who acknowledge him but seek to reduce his influence and there are those who seek to promote him. My response as a clauscientious objector is to acknowledge his presence but not his right to dominate our Christmas or even be a major feature.

Naturally my objections are not to the sense of excitement and joy that is experienced by parents and children. Nor are my objections aimed at promoting the early embrace of asceticism or rationalism
or for that matter denying the gift of imagination. The reasons I object to being enlisted into the army that promotes Santa Claus vary and some of the reasons I admit are more personal than principled. The posts that follow will outline some of my reasons.

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