Monday, June 09, 2008

One approach to a difficult issue-Part 1

Christians are often seen to be moralistic in their response to issues involving human behaviour. Meaning that they often respond in a way that makes them sound as if somehow because of their own ability or power or good living they are better than those around them. This attitude, often real, is expressed by the demeaning of others’ opinions, treating others badly and in appealing to overstated and unsubstantiated claims. Rightly it has been pointed out that this is unchristian behaviour. Certainly Jesus Christ regularly challenged the religious leaders of his day regarding their moralistic responses.

Moralistic responses are not only limited to Christians and David Marr’s article in the Good Weekend “The Archbishop says No” , appears to set out to take the moral high ground. David Marr raises questions of Archbishop Peter Jensen and the Sydney Dioceses use of power, money and intellect, with the desire to advocate a more tolerant approach to those who are attracted to the same sex. With little tolerance shown for the Sydney Dioceses approach to the issues involved, I think we are meant to conclude that Archbishop Peter Jensen and the Sydney Diocese, unlike other Episcopalian Bishops in Canada and the USA, are repressive and less morally enlightened. The article could have just as easily been entitled “David Marr says Yes”

The difficulty with any kind of moralism is that it leads to self inflation or alternatively self hatred both of which destroy the soul and make it difficult to see clearly the issues involved...

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