Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lambeth and GAFCON

Having read, Don’t think like an Elephantduring our brief break I began reading The Political Mind by George Lakoff. Arguing from the American context, Lakoff in both books identifies two general approaches -Progressive and Conservative.
"The progressive has a basic moral value-empathy, together with responsibility and strength to act on that empathy (Pg 47)". Ideas like empowerment, protection of the environment and the marginalised.
"The conservative begins with the notion that morality is obedience to an authority-assumed to be a legitimate authority (Pg 60)". Loyalty and freedom in the context of obedience follow. Conservatives "need to follow rules and obey laws.. it rewards those who acquire such discipline and punishes those who don’t. Pg 61" In particular radical conservatives like originalism- what was the original meaning-we need to get back to it as our authority.
As I was reading this I was also trying to get my head around Lambeth and GAFCON.

If we use Lakoff’s categories Lambeth is about listening and discerning the truth (progressive) and GAFCON is about how to be obedient to the truth (conservative).
What is interesting about this is that Lakoff argues that if you come from either world view you will find it incredibly hard to understand the other world view, your basic moral categories are vastly different. Food for thought...

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