Monday, August 11, 2008

Romans 8

I have a great privilege of preaching through Romans 8 over three weeks. Any ideas, suggestions, resources, thoughts, insights welcome.

How do you think "no condemnation" impacts us here and now?


Keith said...

Hey there Roger.

Romans 8 sounds good.

Are you finishing the series we started a couple of years back?

We just got to preach Rom 1-8 here over 2nd term - no prizes for guessing who suggested we do that...

Roger said...

Yep -that's the Romans series and we won't be finished this year –still one more year to go.

Looking forward to this Sunday Brian Rosner is preaching on Romans 7.
BTY who have you found to be most helpful on Romans 8? and what do you think about the discussion on Sola Panel re -discontinuity/continuity as it relates to Romans 8?

Keith said...

Schreiner and Moo were good.

Re: that discussion - Mark Stephens is from here, and really knows his stuff on this particular matter. As the discussion has unfolded, I don't think anyone has adequately answered what he and MJ have put forward.

Will Brian's talk be recorded? Love to get a copy, if that is ok.

Roger said...

thanks helpful thoughts-I should be able to get a copy of Brian's talk.

Justin said...

I preached on ROmans 8:17-30 a few weeks ago. Loved it. Sermon is online.

Weird proposition from Gav on Sola Panel.

Roger said...

Yep-I saw that and listened to the one you did at St Ives-loved your approach and found it very helpful in sorting out what to leave in and out.
I am thinking that the more aspirational may find the whole idea or locating their yearning/suffering in "waiting patiently" challanging-as i do.

Yep not with Gav. I am still thinking that this must have an impact on how we approach "renewing the city"-any thoughts?

Justin said...

I'm not with Gav on this one. GOod man though.

That having been said, I'm still not sure that if God renews creation, that this means that we are called to 'renew the city'. Care for God's creation? Yes. 'Seek the welfare of the city'? Maybe. Although I am not convinced of the use of Jer 29 for this one.

But 'renew' then city? What is the argument that we renew the city?

Roger said...

Justin thanks-'renew the city' is from the redeemer web site-I guess it could mean seek the welfare of the city.
The question I have is what role does eschatology have in forming our response to those in need. I think there is a Moo article somewhere on this that I probably need to read.