Friday, September 19, 2008

Christians in society –a more nuanced response needed

We had the privilege of meeting with Andrew Cameron at our recent staff retreat. One of the things I am particularly keen to do is to help us think through our engagement of the world around us-particularly as we launch into Connect 09. My concern is that as evangelicals we seem to have a limited range of responses to the world around us with both an under-realised eschatology and an over-realised eschatology playing significant roles. As we talked Andrew suggested some categories that would be worth exploring (amongst others). Christians are called to (bible references mine):

With these categories in mind I think the responses that we make to our world will be far more nuanced and require thoughtful and wise engagement with the issues at hand. Not all will apply every time.

Three questions-
  1. Can you think of other categories?
  2. What might be examples of each?
  3. How would you put this into a sermon series?

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