Monday, April 20, 2009

Being leaders in our community -through prayer

I am committed to our church showing leadership in the wider community. As a suburban church in an area with no central gathering point this is a challenge. So strategically we have started with prayer.

On one Sunday a month, in our network of 7 congregations, we pray publicly for local people and organisations. We write to them first asking how we might pray for them. This often involves personal contact, but not always. Some of the people/organisations we have prayed for include:
  • The Eastwood Police Station
  • The Fire Brigade x2
  • The Ambulance Service
  • The primary schools x3
  • The local high schools (Public &Private)
  • Ryde Council
  • Ryde Hospital
  • State Government politicians
  • Federal politicians ( John Howard our local member at the time did respond)
  • Macquarie University
  • Small business people
Just wondering who else we should include on the list?


Steve said...

How about local employment services (The Salvation Army Employment Plus, Ryde comes to mind ;-)). Maybe other similar social and community services organisations.

Eugene Hor said...

gr8 idea Roger for sharing the love of X in a real way and in engaging our communties for J - have u got a sample letter that I could use? will fb you. Also you might want to check out servolution on twitter - who are doing amazing stuff in their communities - will dm you one of the guys I have been following. in Him, euge

Roger said...

thanks Eugene, will email the letter and look forward to checking out your other suggestions on twitter