Friday, April 17, 2009

If you knew God would answer what would you ask?

My church has just launched a campain that will see postcards delivered to over 12,000 homes. On the postcard is the question: If you knew God would answer what would you ask?

People are being asked to text message (0424 695 943),email, ask online or deliver their questions to us by hand . The idea is that once we have collated the questions we will develop a 6 week sermon series. The series will then be advertised on our website and on the promotional boards outside each of our church centres.

I will keep you posted on what questions people come up with. Just wondering:
  1. What you think the main questions will be?
  2. What questions you might ask?


Justin said...

Great idea, Roger!

Keith said...

That is a good idea - did you guys come up with that? Keen on hearing the outcome - we might pinch it for ourselves!!

Roger said...

Justin thanks!
Keith it is really a couple of ideas that have come together.