Friday, May 08, 2009

A Prayer for Mothers Day

Lord we come to you today and pray for all Mothers: Please bless them with wisdom, strength, patience and great love.

We pray that we and our society will affirm and support all Mothers—single, married, divorced, widowed, step and adoptive.

We give thanks for Mothers who have died, and today we celebrate their gift of Motherhood to us.

We pray you will sustain and heal Mothers who are ill.

Lord we recognise that Mothers’ Day is painful to many people: Some have lost a child through separation or death. Lord we ask that you comfort and sustain all those who are in need. For those who experience the lonely pain of infertility we ask you to draw close to them and give them your hope.

We pray for Mothers who are single, divorced or widowed who face the challenge of raising children with limited resources.

We pray for Mothers who have strained relationships with their children may they do everything in their power to forgive and to be reconciled.

Lord we recognise that so much is expected of Mothers and yet none are perfect. We pray that you will help Mothers to forgive themselves for both their minor faults and even their major betrayals. To remember that Jesus forgives all of us and helps us to live reconciled lives.

Loving God, you have given us life and cared for us through our Mothers. We thank you for their lives, their care and the wisdom they have taught us.

Lord help all Mothers hear your voice and see their children as gifts from God and so teach their children to hear and follow the voice of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

May we honour them with profound respect and by living in your ways .

Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen

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