Friday, May 01, 2009

EJs and Connect 09

In a garage nearby sits over 6,000 EJs. That is, The Essential Jesus (the Gospel of Luke) produced for Connect 09 - (PDF -here). Our goal is to hand them out over 1 or 2 years in a way that creates opportunities for ongoing conversations about Jesus.

Our first step has been to help people become familiar and comfortable with the material. For 8 weeks we have preached from the Essential Jesus. The lack of verses has thrown some preachers but on the whole it has been a very useful exercise in helping us become familiar and comfortable with the text. Our hope is that as people hand out the books they can genuinely say they have read and considered the material.

A further implication was, that as people arrived at church each week we handed them a new EJ. Our aim has been to encourage people to take them home and hand them out to friends and family, to get us used to the idea of handing out the EJs.

As you might expect while it has worked for some, others have just handed them back or have 8 of them at home. So I was just wondering if you have any other ideas or if you have any comments to make about EJs and Connect 09?

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