Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our lives are shaped by names

Mark Strom in writing winsomely about leadership concludes:
"Our lives are shaped by the names we give ourselves and our worlds.

Our lives are also shaped by how we work with the names others gave and give us. Maturity is in part to move from living out the names others gave us, to living the names we know to be truly and strongly who we are and wish to become.

We cannot act purposefully without naming purposefully. The question is, how truly and strongly will we name ourselves and how intentionally will we open the space for others to do so?" Arts of the wise Leader pg 64
It's insightful and I observe that God's naming of me is having a significant role in shaping who I am becoming. Names that are currently shaping me include son, overseer, elect exile…just wondering what names God is shaping you with?

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