Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can you recommend a movie?

I have been thinking about Wisdom lately. I am preparing a preaching series on Ecclesiastes and at the same time reading Mark Strom's book Arts or the Wise Leader. One of the things Mark says is:
wise people read life and its patterns well pg 17.
It occurred to me that I think the best movies are stories produced, written or directed by those who read life and its patterns well.

Movies I would include are:

  • Dead Poets Society
  • Chocolat
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Keeping Mum
As part of our series my plan is to suggest that people watch a movie together and practice the skill of reading life and its patterns well. Just wondering what movies you think read life and its patterns well? What would you recommend people watch to develop their skills?


Alison said...

Hey Roger - no I can't recommend a movie, but thought I'd leave you a comment anyway! Just stumbled across your blog (via facebook I think) and recognised you from a LONG time ago...Camp Beyond days I think (see...long time ago..20 years??? Am I really that old?).

I'm a bit addicted to reading blogs (and have one of my own) so will keep following yours. You probably have no idea who I am but that's OK!

Roger said...

Great to have you drop by-I do remember you –and yes those Camp Beyond days bring back fond memories of working with a great team of people and seeing kids lives changed.

Sounds like life has taken some challenging twists and turns for you while at the same time bringing you great joy. It is very encouraging to notice that you have continued in your Christian walk-that you have been running the race with perseverance Heb 12:1 –every blessing, Roger

disa said...