Monday, December 07, 2009

A Church is like a Restaurant

Lunch in Soho -New York

Recently I was having a conversation with a CEO of a large corporation and I was expressing my concern that the location of some of our church buildings makes them difficult to find. He replied:
“Location does not matter a church is like a restaurant, if the chef in the kitchen is delivering high quality food then people will find it and come from everywhere.”
He has a point, great preachers/leaders attract crowds no matter where they are-that is a fact of life. I want to support high quality chefs and celebrate the large churches that are formed often as a result of God using their giftedness. It is also important that we should aim to produce high quality chefs...

but I have some questions?

  • Should a church have as one of its main strategies, to grow, the employment of a “master chef"?
  • Should we just accept that when a "master chef" moves on church numbers will decline?
  • Does location matter?
  • What do you think of the metaphor –“Church is like a restaurant”?



Stephen Claxton said...

I think a better analogy is your home kitchen (in australian culture anyway!) Sometimes the meals are fantastic, other times they're simple: but they feed you and keep you alive. Sometimes you go out and have a fancy meal too, and that's great, but not every night.

Roger said...

Stephen I agree I think that this is the way it works in practice even when you employ a "master chef".

What about the issue of location:)