Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cross cultural ministry-youth and children’s...continued

Andrew Hong from NDCCCS has written to me about my previous post and with his permission I publish his response to my observations of cross cultural ministry:

A big issue, really. Most Aussie pastors would generally want to go with answer (2) - (combined ministries) because they underestimate the long influence of culture.

However (1) (separate ministries) is actually the best - because Korean-background issues will actually keep arising as Korean Christians grow up and move through successive life stages. Such as when they begin a family and begin having expectations on their children, or when their kids marry - all of a sudden issues will unexpectedly arise that would be different from others around them, if they were in a (2) type congregation... and it's better if these can be recognised and confronted...

So I get the issues Andrew raises and I agree with his observations but I still am not sure, I would like to think we could be more innovative in light of the Gospel (I will get back to this).. just wondering what you think?

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