Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do you ever speak to the Women in your Church?

We have just begun a new preaching series from the book of Exodus called, Follow ME . The focus of the series is on God and His leadership/ character.

Last Sunday I preach at our 7pm congregation on Exodus 1-2. One of the things that I spoke of was the courageous women that we see in the text. Women who feared God, for example the midwives, Moses mother, Miriam, the Pharaohs daughter (although it is not clear if her motivation was the fear of God).

I then spoke directly to the women in our church and encouraged them to be fear God and be courageous. What has been interesting is that a number of women have spoken about how moving it was to be spoken to directly as women.

Most of the time I speak more generically – just wondering what your experience has been?

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