Friday, August 20, 2010

It's about time we acted like radical, almost subversive counterculture

I have been thinking about reaching those who are 50+ "the once were churched". In doing so I have been talking with people who are over 50. Some of the things people have said include:

  • The 50+ group are very hard to get to listen because of their very "once were churched" status.
  • They have generally bought into the spirit of the age that "if there's a god he certainly will know I am basically a good person" ( Judge not lest you be judged" ) or "that it's a load of superstitious nonsense" ( after all we have read Richard Dawkins and the Da Vinci Code ).
  • Most current Christian resources aimed at this group are too predictable, too patronising and too glib.
  • "We do need something else that is just a little bit NOT what people expect from the local Anglicans. It is about time we acted like a rather radical, almost subversive counterculture and not a lot of apologetic folk who people used to listen to (and who people turn to for a reassuring funeral in a nice setting....a bit late for evangelism at that stage )."
Do you agree? How would you go about this?