Thursday, December 16, 2010

Believing and Belonging – Muddy Waters

At our staff meeting we have been having a discussion about the ways we see people are connecting with us and how we can help them in taking another step – this is what I have come up with after our discussions. You will notice I have tried to muddy the believing-belonging categories because in my/our experience it is messy and I wanted to reflect that in our strategy. Do you agree with the muddy water premise?

The site is here -but this is what we have said:

Welcome to Macquarie Anglican. Our aim is to help you love God and others, and we think this is best done in community. So come and get involved! You choose how.

Perhaps you have not had much to do with a Christian community previously and you would like to investigate how they work. Why not try ours? You would not be alone, we already have a number of people who are investigating and trying things out-no strings attached. Come along to one of our meetings. If you would like to let us know you are coming (you don’t have to) feel free to email info at

Come to church more regularly or join a small group that explores the Christian faith. Our next two groups begin on February 9, 10am-11am or 8pm-9pm. Please RSVP by emailing info at .

Explore a biography of Jesus through a Simply Christianity course. One hour per week for five weeks. Our next two Simply Christianity Groups begin on Thursday January 6, 10am-11am or 8pm-9pm. Please RSVP by emailing info at .

Get involved and join one of our teams serving the community. Most teams have training from time to time, please contact info at for details.

Just wondering what you think?


Steve said...

hi mate

ive been thinking this one thru too, becasue people drift into being a christian, often times without having been struck by the gospel as such.

so is there a place for a strong emphasis on conversion a-la Mark Dever, I think our doctrine of conversion needs emphasis if not a bit of a rethink so that people do more than simply 'try out', 'explore' or 'belong' to the church, but are slaves to the Lord Jesus.

wadda ya reckon

Roger said...


Good point, in-fact this is one of our concerns. We want to be able to say to people -well you have come along for a while (had a taste) lets now explore a biography of Jesus-where you are asked the very direct question "have you responded to Jesus appropriately? Or it’s great that you come to church and a small group you profess faith but how are you living this out at work, in the family in church -done thoughtfully but with intention. I guess I am thinking it’s more like art than a science –hence the believing and belonging gets all mixed up together or different people are taking different steps backward and forwards at the same time. No problem with the idea that there is a conversion point in the midst of all this.

Just a thought - Children’s ministry is an interesting test case, some seem to think getting kids to say “the prayer” means they are converted, so get the whole scripture assembly to say the prayer and everyone becomes a Christian – what would you say to this?

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